AAA Saloons 2010 Archive

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    Welcome to Jonathan’s new site – It will be populated with the Vids and Pics etc. that you are used to over the next few weeks due to a major website overhaul. Please check back shortly! In the meantime please sit back and enjoy Jonathan’s first ever race day during Round 1 of  the “All wheel drive Ajec […]

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  • 05th April 2010 – AAA Saloons – Castle Combe

    05th April 2010 – AAA Saloons – Castle Combe

    After two seasons in Time Attack of which I finished 3rd overall in Club Pro 2009, I thought it was time for a jump into proper door-to-door racing. After hearing last year about the possible forming of a new All Wheel Drive championship taking place across some of the country’s best circuits, I was immediately […]

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