05th April 2010 – AAA Saloons Round 1 – Castle Combe – Incar – Race 1 & 2

Race 1 – AAA Saloons – Incar


Jonathan’s first ever race and first time out on slicks. The qualification session had to be completed on R888’s as there wasn’t enough time to get the slick tyres put on the rims but 9th grid position was secured for race 1 with a 1:16.399 after having to end the session early.

After an interesting time on cold slicks coming out of the Esses ending in a spin, Jonathan was clearly a long way back. He was, however, able to pursue the field and quickly gained ground, although was unable to finish the race due to boost issues (this was later identified as a burst pipe which was quickly and easily resolved for the next race).

Video Highlights

03:10 Race Start
03:53 Spin
07:45 Problems

Race 2 – Part 1 – AAA Saloons – Incar

Race 2 – Part 2 – AAA Saloons – Incar

Race 2 – Part 3 – AAA Saloons – Incar

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